The Brown Legacy

Developing solutions for people everyday.

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The Brown Legacy - Commercial Cleaning

Effective cleaning solutions for affordability.

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The Brown Legacy - Real Estate

Completely incubate worldwide investments before imperatives.

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The Brown Legacy - Investing

Developing investment opportunities and wealth management for people everyday.

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What We Do

The Brown Legacy is a multi-dimensional organization & with several different clients & to make complex business decisions seamless. Be it Corporate,Cleaning,Real Estate,Investments,
our staff is equipped to assist at any point of the business development process.

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Commercial Cleaning"Providing national cleaning services"

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Real Estate Portfolio Development“Investing in your future through property acquisition”

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Investment - Wealth Management“Investing in generational success”

How We Work


All over the Country

We have done business with clients through the state of Maryland and looking to expand into the DC, Delaware, and Virginia areas.

Top-notch Services

We strive to compete, second to none.

Helpful Customer Service

We have staff on call with any issue or placement needs.

Collections from Our Customers.


Great support, you guys done a fantastic job, so thank you.

SmileyDot Cleaning Service Client

I wish that I could choose more than one reason for my 5-star rating! The Design is great, the features are fantastic, the documentation top-notch.

George W Hoffman Cleaning Service Client

Excellent, really versatile and well documented. Makes any investment worthwhlile.

George W Hoffman Investment Client

This is the most robust organization I've ever worked with. So much can be done by them.

R Mandaro Real Estate Client

I've been using TBL for months now and they have exceeded my expectations. Their support has been great too.

K Welch2 Commercial Cleaning Client

Great Team Work.

The Brown Legacy Organization

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to grow this business with our partners. With hard work determination, and a will to win, there is no doubt that The Brown Legacy, LLC will be a force in the world of business.